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Dear customers,

We would like to introduce you the Twin Lotus pany which was founded in Thailand in 1977. It started as a small pany focused on selling purely natural products and today it may boast being ?the biggest herbal products manufacturer in Thailand“. Twin Lotus has bee one of the most famous brands in Thailand and its quality products attract more and more satisfied customers. Nowadays the pany exports the products to many states in Europe, Asia and Middle East countries.

The priority of the Twin Lotus pany is the customers’ health and satisfaction therefore a high emphasis is put on the production process quality and the products themselves. We use just the highest quality Thai herbs and natural resources in production so that is why our products are awarded by various independent panies quite regularly.

,,Twin Lotus, purity of Nature for your health”



High quality herbal toothpastes, also called as ?Toothpastes of?new generation“
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Try the products we have prepared for you
and give your skin
quality and careful care
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Choose one of our unique shampoos made from the finest natural herbs
more >>



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